The criminal justice system exists to keep everybody safe from crime, but there are times when good people are caught up in bad situations. Even if it's something as simple as a traffic ticket, the worst thing you can do is miss your court date in Austin or any other city, as it will result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. Should you encounter this legal action, you could wind up spending time in jail if you're unable to come up with the money to secure your temporary release.
Warrants — Bail in Austin,TX

How Do They Work?

While police can take you into custody if they witness you committing a crime, the most common way that it happens is for a judge to issue an arrest warrant. In order for law enforcement officials to get this order from a magistrate, the affidavit must be truthful and contain an accurate presentation of probable cause. Once you've been arrested, you'll be remanded to a local intake facility to await an arraignment hearing, at which time the court will set the amount of money you'll need to be released. It's certainly possible to post the sum yourself, but many people turn to bail bond companies instead.

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