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Legal Contacts and Links

Helpful Phone Numbers

Below is a list of useful phone numbers and links when trying to find answers to your questions. You can learn more by speaking with a legal representative or clerk, or read about Texas laws by clicking on any applicable link below.  


Information: 512-854-9889
TCJ: 512-854-9021
Del Valle: 512-854-4180


County Court #3: 512-854-9243
County Court #4: 512-854-9896
County Court #5: 512-854-9676
County Court #6: 512-854-9677
County Court #7: 512-854-9679

District 147th: 512-854-9311
District 167th: 512-854-9310
District 299th: 512-854-9442
District 331st: 512-854-9443
District 390th: 512-854-4885
District 403rd: 512-854-9808


Misdemeanors: 512-854-9440
Felony: 512-854-9420


Helpful Phone Numbers